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Welcome, this site has one purpose and one purpose only, to show a box that you can bounce around with!


2018-01-28 by Swantzter

Wh... Why would you create such a silly thing?

Ehm, well first of all, that is a good question and I'm afraid I don't have a good answer...

We could summarise it with boredom, I had an afternoon free and someone had sent me some obscure canvas library used in a Swedish code sandbox by some school and whatnot. It included a demo that drew a square on the screen. I then spent half an hour or so implementing some basic gravity and friction. Then I decided to siwtch to some maintained library and well p5.js had a suprisingly similar API.

Do you have some made up ratings for this?


Oddly Satisfying - Josefine I'm hooked - Arvid Who knew a bouncy boi could be so addicting - David This game has ruined my family, and my relationships with all my friends. I must fill the screen - Truls

Do you want to mention anything else?

Oh right, you can find the code on GitHub: svbeon/bouncyboi. It's licenced under a MIT licence, like basically everything i create is. I have some ideas on how to improve this project, you can find them under issues, unfortunately I haven't really fleshed them out with detailed descriptions, but PR's are welcome if you want to add something or have the time and energy to implement anything on the wish-list. I do need to warn you, the code is not created to be efficient, but it has some basic documentation. If you feel that you can improve the code, please do, it hurts me to look at it. At the same time, most code I've published at the moment is a pain for me to watch beacuse I've been short on time and haven't been able to live up to the code standard I would prefer.

Any credits?

The fantastic logo is created by Niniponken, © 2019. Used with permission. Bouncyboi is created by Swantzter, you can find me as Swant on freenode.

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Yup, i need one...

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